International-Friendly Organizations

As an international student, you may also face special challenges in getting internships and jobs in the U.S. Complex and changing immigration regulations, a lack of clear information about which employers hire international students, and cultural differences will require you to spend additional time and effort to learn about employment policies and practices that may affect you. Two articles, Job Tips for International Students and How to Land a Job in the U.S. (as a Foreigner), offer useful advice. This article from an alumni, on overcoming barriers to international employment, might also be helpful.

You may have concerns about whether employers in the U.S. will hire international students. Online research and networking conversations can help you identify organizations that have hired international workers in the past. As you conduct online research to learn more, consider the following resources.

The following is a list of companies that have hired Georgetown University F-1 international students on CPT work authorization (Excel spreadsheet) from Jan 2016 to Nov 2020, based on data from the Office of Global Services. Browse by major, undergraduate vs. graduate, and location. In addition, a list of companies that have hired Georgetown University F-1 international students on OPT authorization, from June 2018–Nov 2020 (Excel spreadsheet), is available. While the companies on these lists are likely supportive of hiring international students, recruiting practices change frequently.

Top 200 Employers

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security captures data from SEVP-certified schools and active international students to create lists of the top 200 employers who hired pre- and post-completion OPT students (PDF), STEM OPT students (PDF), and CPT students in 2019.

Passport Careers USA H-1B Employer Database

New users, go to Passport Career, click “register,” then use the registration key “gtown987” and use your Georgetown email address to create your account. Once you’re logged in, click on the H-1B tab at the top of the page. This database includes more than 340,000 U.S. employers who have provided H-1B visas or work permits to non-Americans. While this is not a list of positions you can apply for, this database provides valuable information about what employers applied for this visa in the past. You can search the database by keyword, salary, company, location and type of job.

My Visa Jobs

My Visa Jobs identifies employment opportunities for foreign nationals who want to live and work in the U.S. and Canada. Search annually updated lists of employers accepting H-1B visa holders. Sort lists by state, industry, or job title. This site also contains information about work authorizations and information about a variety of industries.

Uniworld Online

Uniworld (available to Georgetown users only) provides contact information for the headquarters, subsidiaries, and branches of multinational companies in over 200 countries and thousands of industries. In the event you are not chosen for the H1B lottery, there is a chance that a multinational company will relocate you to your home country.

International Organizations (PDF)

These international organizations are covered under the International Organizations Immunities Act (1945), and often provide full-time international employees with G-4 status. Students who work for one of these organizations during the program of study must have an F-1 or J-1 work authorization.