Job Search Outside the U.S.

Leveraging Your Network in Another Country

Research job sites that are popular in any country you’re interested in and expand your network with people who work there to learn more about the job search process. The following online resources can help you get started.


Interstride is a tool to support international students with visa and immigration, networking, and job search. Interstride offers real-time jobs and internship postings from employers that focus on hiring international students (both in your home country and in the U.S.), resources to better understand the complicated visa process and keep up with the latest immigration news, a chat functionality to connect with alumni and other mentors, and monthly workshops and webinars on various topics.

Uniworld Online

Uniworld (available to Georgetown University users only) provides contact information for the headquarters, subsidiaries, and branches of multinational companies in over 200 countries and across 20,000 industries. You may consider a multinational company that has operations in your home country, as many multinational employers prefer that you begin your career in your home country.


Handshake can also be a useful place to find specific internships and jobs that require special skills international students may have, such as language capabilities. Currently, about 2,000 jobs and internships on Handshake are outside the U.S.

Lockin China

For Chinese students looking to secure full-time employment post-graduation in your home country, Georgetown University has joined Global University China Career Union (GUCCU) to help you navigate the job search process. In addition to the jobs and internships posted from thousands of employers in China, this portal offers workshops and articles to help you prepare for your job search. Internships are open to all students at Georgetown.

Euraxess (Research Opportunities in the EU)

If you are interested in obtaining a degree or conducting research in the STEM fields and in the European Union, check out the job postings listed on EURAXESS.