Sample Resumes

Sample Chronological Resume (PDF)

The chronological resume format is most commonly used by college students. In a chronological resume, you format your experiences chronologically, most recent first. Employers are familiar with the chronological format and often prefer it. Our sample chronological resume is one good example of a professionally written and formatted resume.

Sample Functional Resume (PDF)

A demonstration of how to¬†organize your work experiences chronologically under functional categories. For example, in the “Experience” section of your resume, you might have two sub-sections, such as “Finance Experience,” and “Legal Experience.”

Sample Resume for Underclassmen (PDF)

This sample shows how you might include information on your resume such as high school, current coursework, and leadership experience. It is also an example of a combination resume, with different categories highlighting relevant experience.

Sample Cover Letter (PDF)

Download an example of a professionally written and formatted cover letter.

Action Verbs 

Find the right action verb in this exhaustive list so that you can strengthen the writing in your resume and cover letter.