Pre-Law: Mid July Edition

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July 13, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources


I hope everyone’s July is going splendidly!  Since many individuals contemplating law school or who are intent on attending law school devote portions of their summers to these matters, I’m devoting this newsletter to providing a litany of helpful resources.  

First and foremost, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT OUR PRE-LAW GUIDE (new window).  We have webpages devoted to law school applications (new window) generally, the timeline (new window) for application preparation, and whether one should take time post-graduation (new window) to do something else (work, other graduate studies, etc.) before attending law school.  We also drill down into the specifics with webpages detailing personal statements (new window), the LSAT (new window)resumes (new window)letters of recommendation (new window), and more (new window).  (In addition, here are some helpful links to examples of quality personal statements (new window) and diversity statements (new window).)  Finally, we’ve crafted some great videos (new window) that go into even more detail on the topics addressed above; they’re like mini workshops that you will certainly benefit from watching.  

Second, take advantage of this Scholarship Databank (new window) put together by the fine folks over at AccessLex Institute (new window).  Law school is an expensive proposition for most people.  The Databank contains over 800 scholarship opportunities for future law students that you can meticulously search through using such filters as Award Amount, Applicant Attributes, Need-Based, Merit-Based, and more.  

Third, peruse Law School Numbers (new window) (LSN) to help you get a sense of what GPA and LSAT scores are most competitive for any given law school.  As many of you know, law school admissions are, in large part, a numbers game (new window) where law schools seek students with high GPAs and LSAT scores.  LSN contains user-generated data: applicants submit their numbers, where they were accepted, and, often, the amount of financial support (aid and scholarships) they received.  This is helpful information for planning your applications and managing your expectations.  

Finally, check out Law School Transparency (new window) (LST).  LST provides in-depth reports on law schools’ employment statistics at graduation.  You can see what industries and geographic locations graduates of a given school enter and their starting salaries.  You can also investigate bar passage rates and tuition (including what percentage of students pay full price).  All of this can help you determine what a law school broadly offers you for your investment of time and money and which schools might be right for you.  

Here at the end, I’d also like to pass along that LSAC has updated its fee waiver policies for LSATs and the Credential Assembly Service.  It now offers a wider range of support that should expand the number of individuals who are eligible for assistance.  Check out the new guidelines here (new window).  

Stay cool!  

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