What Can I Do with My International Business Major?


The International Business major, in the McDonough School of Business, provides excellent preparation for students interested in careers involving the coordination of human and material resources toward the achievement of the international goals of the organization. In addition, international business requires special skills to adapt management methods to the needs of foreign environments.

The concentration is intended to prepare the student for administrative positions in international divisions of American companies; careers in the national or international government agencies concerned with international trade development, the establishment of international businesses; and careers in commercial and investment banking.


The study of international business allows for the development of a core set of skills sought after by employers in a wide range of occupational settings. A sampling of representative skills and abilities follows.


  • Analyze complex and unstructured data
  • Evaluate risks and opportunities
  • Coursework in Finance/Marketing/Management


  • Communicate clearly and persuasively
  • Diplomacy and negotiating
  • Networking
  • Public speaking

International Awareness

  • Awareness of international figures and news
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Understanding of international politics
  • Understanding of trade regulations
Sample Internship Opportunities
  • Foreign companies operating in the United States (e.g., Chanel, Airbus)
  • Government Agencies (e.g., US Department of Commerce, State, Treasury)
  • Government Relations (e.g., Council on Foreign Relations)
  • International Banks (e.g., World Bank, Export-Import Bank, International Finance Corporation)
  • Multinational corporations (e.g., Viacom, L'Oreal, Hilton, Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi, Disney, Goldman Sachs)
  • Nonprofit Organizations (e.g., Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International)

Where are Georgetown International Business Majors Now?

  • Financial Analyst
  • Stock Broker
  • Product Manager
  • Economist
  • Consultant Foreign Exchange Trader
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Trade Specialist
  • Import/Export Coordinator
  • Lawyer Marketing Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Advertising Executive
  • Human Resources/Human Capitol Management
Relevant Web Sites and Publications
Professional Organizations

For information about career options, internship and full-time opportunities, contact the Career Education Center at One Leavey Center, (202) 687-3493.