What Can I Do with My Finance Major?


Finance is the application of economic principles to the world’s financial markets. The investment advisor counsels individuals with money on the best investments. The corporate financial officer helps companies find the funding necessary to advance their initiatives. Finally, the investment banker brings together individuals with money and companies looking for funding.

If you can combine superior quantitative ability with effective communication skills, you will succeed as a finance major. If you hone your ability to think creatively and analytically, you can look forward to a career in one of the highest paid and most demanding professions in the world.


The study of finance allows for the development of a core set of skills sought after by employers in a wide range of occupational settings. Those skills include:

Critical Thinking

  • Apply one’s knowledge to new and changing situations
  • Understand the implication of one’s actions
  • Creatively use new technology
  • Understand dynamic situations


  • Communicate complicated subjects effectively
  • Write effectively yet concisely
  • Defend one’s ideas under pressure
  • Ability to train others
  • Leadership skills


  • Analyze complex financial situations
  • Knowledge of general statistics, regression analysis, financial analysis, accounting procedures, corporate budgets, economics and general business

Sample Internship Opportunities

  • Commercial banks
  • Equity/fixed income research
  • Hedge funds
  • Investment banks
  • Money management firms
  • Sales and trading
  • Venture capital

Where are Georgetown Finance Majors now?

  • Bond trader
  • Bond analyst
  • Equity analyst
  • Derivatives trader
  • Bank trust officer
  • Mutual fund manager
  • Research analyst financial consultant
  • Cash accountant
  • Project manager
  • Comptroller
  • Treasurer
  • Chief financial officer
  • Venture capitalist currency trader
  • Currency analyst
  • Import/export facilitator
  • International project manager
  • IPO manager
  • Merger and acquisition specialist
  • Commercial banker

Relevant Websites and Publications

Professional Organizations

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