What Can I Do with My Global Health Major?


The Department of Global Health offers one of the few undergraduate programs in global health in the United States with unique opportunities for hands-on learning locally, nationally, and abroad. There is no more challenging and important mission than protecting and improving the health of people everywhere. It is important on humanitarian grounds, for the development of nations and for political stability. It is a mission that requires specific skills as well as dedication. The global health track provides a very strong base for the graduate or professional training that many global health positions require, as well as for entry into the field. The curriculum blends public health, and health systems management with an emphasis upon how environment, culture, economics and politics interact to influence health status. The program takes advantage of the extraordinary resources of Washington through an advisory committee (that includes officials of global health organizations like the World Bank and the World Health Organization), guest speakers, and field trips. Internships include experience in local organizations serving diverse cultures and in international organizations as well as the senior international experience. A foreign language is required.

Graduates of the program are prepared to enter a wide variety of development and health service delivery organizations. Opportunities include staff positions in non-governmental organizations, consulting firms, community clinics, health systems corporations, professional associations, government agencies, pharmaceutical and supply companies, and public relations firms.


The study of global health allows for the development of a core set of skills sought after by a wide range of health care employers. A sample of representative skills and abilities follows.

Critical Thinking

  • Understanding global health policies, theories, and concepts
  • Knowledge of non-health care influences on health
  • Foreign language ability
  • Cultural understanding
  • Understanding of global economics
  • Use of systematic analysis to increase understanding of complex global health problems/issues
  • Use of comparative market analysis

Interpersonal and Intrapersonal

  • Interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Ability to form positive working relationships
  • Understanding of cross cultural behaviors and dynamics
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to work independently, thoughtfully and resourcefully
  • Written communication skills
  • Successful communication skills

Health Care

  • Epidemiological knowledge
  • Knowledge of health care
  • Understanding and knowledge of human behavior
  • Knowledge of medical care systems and facilities

Sample Internship Opportunities

  • Non-governmental organizations/nonprofit organizations (e.g., CARE, Save the Children, Oxfam, World Health Organization, American Red Cross, Sustain)
  • Governmental Organizations (e.g., USAID, United Nations)
  • International Development Organizations (e.g., Development Executive Group, etc.)
  • International Development Consulting (e.g., Apt Associates, etc.)
  • Required senior practical experience abroad at research sites in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia

Where are Georgetown Global Health Majors Now?

  • Post-Graduate Study in MPH, Masters of Science, MD, and JD Programs (Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Tulane, Boston University, Harvard, Brown, Imperial College London)
  • Project Assistant, Program Associate, or Program Manager with Nonprofit, NGO, or USAID contractor
  • Program Associate, Program Manager or Program Director with Nonprofit, NGO or USAID contractor
  • Research Coordinator, Director, or Regional Coordinator on site
  • NIH post graduate research
  • Pharmaceutical sales, marketing and management
  • Emerging Markets work with a contract organization (Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte & Touche)
  • Loan/program design, monitoring and evaluation or policy evaluation (within donor institutions like USAID)
  • Peace Corps
  • NGOs Abroad
  • International Health Development NGOs
  • Health education (marketing for health skills building)
  • International health law and human rights law organizations

Relevant Websites and Publications

Professional Organizations

For information about career options, internship and full-time opportunities, contact the Cawley Career Education Center at One Leavey Center, (202) 687-3493. For more information about the major and degree requirements, visit the NHS website.