What Can I Do with My American Musical Culture Major?


American musical culture students complete a liberal arts curriculum that includes history, cultural studies, theory and performance courses. The major focuses on all forms of music associated with the culture of the Americas, with emphasis on the intellectual, multicultural and international character of modern musical culture. Majors who are interested in individual music lessons have access to conservatory-level instruction through Georgetown’s collaboration with the Levine School of Music. The program prepares students to enter a broad range of fields by developing strong reading, writing and critical thinking skills.


American musical culture allows for the development of a core set of skills in a wide range of occupational settings. A sampling of representative skills and abilities follows.

Critical Thinking

  • Critical listening
  • Music appreciation/analysis
  • Perceiving patterns/structures
  • Comparing/contrasting interpretations
  • Assessing cultural differences


  • Analytical writing
  • Concise writing
  • Editing
  • Drafting documents
  • Reading critically
  • Assessing conflicting viewpoints
  • Summarizing and presenting information
  • Public speaking


  • Defining problems
  • Formulating and assessing hypotheses
  • Gathering and interpreting information
  • Using original sources
  • Understanding cultural contexts
  • Evaluating evidence and results

Sample Internship Opportunities

  • Public Radio (e.g., NPR, Voice of America)
  • Newspapers and Magazines (e.g., The Washington Post, Rolling Stone)
  • Libraries (e.g., Library of Congress, Lauinger Library)
  • Arts and Media (e.g., Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, NBC, ABC, CBS)
  • Museums (e.g., Smithsonian Institution)
  • International Studies (e.g., Embassy of Mexico, Embassy of Austria)
  • Recording Arts (e.g., Def Jam Records, XM Radio)

Where are Georgetown American Musical Culture Majors Now?

Because this is one of the newest majors at Georgetown, we do not have access to detailed alumni information at this time. However, some potential career paths related to the study of music include the following.

  • Music critic
  • Music librarian
  • Composer
  • Professor
  • Entertainment lawyer
  • Music journalist
  • Talent agent
  • Record label producer

Relevant Websites and Publications

Professional Organizations

For information about career options, internship and full-time opportunities, contact the Career Education Center at One Leavey Center, (202) 687-3493. Visit the the American Musical Culture website to learn more about program requirements.